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1. General provisions.
Important! In start allowed to have no more than one deposit on each plane!
Also allowed to have only 1 account for non-compliance with these rules, you run the risk of losing access to your account without refund.

1.1 This Agreement governs the provision of our project to its clients.
1.2 In case of breach of any provision of this Agreement, the project disclaims all liability to the Client.
1.3 Registration on the site and the creation of deposit - Customer signifies acceptance of absolutely all the conditions of this agreement.
1.4 We have the right to change this Agreement at any time without prior notice to the Customer.

2. Obligations of the parties.
2.1 The client becomes a party to the Agreement after registration on the website
2.2 Registration on the site is possible only for adult citizens, in accordance with the laws of your country of residence.
2.3 Customer will not use the site for purposes contrary to the laws of the country of residence of the Customer.
2.4 In case of conflict, problems or complaints to us - Customer agrees to first contact support. It is forbidden to post negative comments to us in the media, in thematic chats and public forums.
2.5 Under the terms of this Agreement, the Company has the right to manage the client's capital, the size of which is determined by the client during the creation of the deposit on the Company's website.
2.6 With regard to the personal data of customers, we will comply with the privacy policy.

3.Terms and conditions account.
3.1 Customer agrees that the details of the payment systems and e-mail specified when creating the account, in the future can not be independently changed by the Client.
3.2 The client has the right to register and use multiple accounts from the same computer, but may not use them for cheating partner remuneration.
3.3 The client is advised that none of the staff or administration of the site, never go to the Customer with a request that data to access the account.
3.4 The Customer undertakes to use the available means of protection of their personal data.

4. Terms of investment and profit.
4.1 When you create a deposit may use only one payment system.
4.2 Conclusion profits made on the payment system, which was produced by the input means.
4.3 The minimum deposit amount 1 USD.
4.4 The minimum payout is 0.01 USD.
4.5 Customer agrees that prohibits the use of the site for the latest investment savings funds for treatment and deferred credit.
4.6 Customer agrees that the withdrawal of the deposit before the term is not possible.
4.7 Profit Client depends on the conditions of the selected investment plan.
4.8 Customer is obliged to provide the Company with the correct billing information for output gains.
4.9 Payment of profit customers to produce instantly.

5. Terms affiliate program.
5.1 The client has the right to take advantage of the affiliate program immediately after registration.
5.2 Affiliate Program consists of three levels.
5.3 The company has the right to change the terms of the affiliate program, without prior notice to Customer.
5.4 The client has the right at any time to request payment of the remuneration of a partnership, or use it to make a deposit.
5.5 The client is advised that when you create a deposit with the balance of the account is not credited to the referral fee.
5.6 We offer our customers the right to use for promotional purposes the materials presented on the Company's website.
5.7 A partnership interest is charged automatically on the account balance of the Client.
5.8 Spam is prohibited.

6. Responsibility of the parties.
6.1 We are not responsible for mistakes made by the Customer in completing the payment details.
6.2 We are not responsible for any failure input and output means, occurred through the fault of payment systems.
6.3 Customer agrees that all transactions on the site are made at your own risk. The client is advised that past performance does not guarantee similar future and voluntarily transfers the funds to the management of the site.
6.4 We are not liable for any damages of any sort incurred by the Client as a result of use of the site.

7. Force majeure.
7.1 Company reserves the right to suspend its work, if on its activities is influenced by such factors as force majeure: war, strikes, natural disasters, epidemics, manmade disasters, revolutions.
7.2 In case of any changes, or make additions to this provision, it remains legitimate.

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